• 1994Hansung engineering foundation
  • 2000Relocation to own factory(Seongseogongdan 3cha)
  • 2008The change of name to HANSUNG BRAVO
  • 2012HANSUNG BRAVO Co.,Ltd. foundation
  • 2014Foundation and transfer of private factory(Waegwan- eup, Gyeongsangbuk- do)


  • 1998Export to German BARKA corp. in Europe for mat cleaner
  • 2001Export to Japan YASHI corp. for mat cleaner, vacuum cleaner
  • 2003Export to U.S. CORETECH U.S.A. for mat cleane
  • 2010Export to Shanghai, Beijing and Harbin in China for self carwash and D.I.Y equipment
  • 2011Export to Canada for mat cleaner
  • 2013Export to Japan, DAIFUKU carwash machine co. for D.I.Y equipment(Export to Saudi Arabia, India, Netherlands and Australia, etc)
  • 2014Russia MOY-KA Export-D.I.Y Equipment Export
  • 2015Establishment and sale of overseas branch in China

Relation to SMBA

  • 1999Selected for venture company 7 times in running
  • 2006Selected for Inno biz company 3 times running
  • 2000Selected for The promising export firm - 13 years running
  • 2005~2010Selected for The export conversion company 3 times running and graduated
  • 2009Selected for clean factory business
  • 2013Selected for The export capability solidification business

Government supported project (Usage of policy capital)

  • 2004Hankook Tire manufacturing process development support
  • 2006Korea pallet full sheet cleansing dry development support
  • 2008Jeongup disposal of food clarification plant development support
  • 2008The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute washing equipment development support
  • 2009The prototype production supporting business
  • 2011The Korea Industrial Park Corporation prototype supporting business
  • 2011The Korea Industrial Park Corporation industrial property application supporting business
  • 2012Selected for The knowledge economy technology innovation project supporting business
  • 2005~2009The export conversion company 3 years running and graduated
  • 2013The export capability solidification business
  • 2013Domestic/Overseas Patent Applying Cost Support for Daegu Intellectual Property Center
  • 2014The export capability solidification business ALLSET Marketing Support Project for Kyungpook National University Company promotional video production support project for venture enterprises
  • 2015Development of Product Design Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Businesses